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are a journal of my second reading of Rosenlicht's second chapter.  See  ita  below. Please have a quick look at the links under Reference to get an overview. In particular, read the main page at each of the first three links to see the facts, but (as you please) either skim over or work carefully through the material that is beyond the main pages. Then please join me to walk back up the mountain in the Post Script.


ita ... is short for   Introduction to Analysis   by Maxwell Rosenlicht, Dover (Mineola, New York, USA), 1986: "[The] Dover edition, first published in 1986, is an unabridged and unaltered republication of the work first published by Scott Foresman and Company, Glenview, Illinois, in 1968." Please Buy the Book . Quotations are with permission. Citations are generally in the following form:   ita-i-j-k-pgn, where    i    is the chapter number,    j    is the section number,    k    is the paragraph number, and    pgn    gives the page.    Note that the paragraph number is counted from the beginning of the section to facilitate reference to the Scott Foresman edition.

The Field Properties
The Order Property
The Least Upper Bound Property
Existence of Square Roots

Post Script

The work above is meant to be a gateway into the rest of Rosenlicht's book. My first reading is presented, in what I call 'peak to ground' format, here. I would like to continue the reading, but not yet to do the multivariate implicit function theorem. I would like to do the first seven chapters - walking back up the mountain.

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