F1:  Unique Sum and Product of Several Real Numbers (1)

Rosenlicht states this consequence as follows:  "In a sum or product of several real numbers parentheses can be omitted."  (see ita-2-1-5-pg17)  In written expressions, parentheses affect the order in which operations are performed.  The innermost parenthetical expressions are evaluated first, and parentheses that are at the same level of 'innermost-ness' are evaluated from left to right.  Consequently, I presume that this consequence is equivalent to saying that any number of numbers have a unique sum and product.  The following material is provided in support of this assertion.

Real Numbers  a & b  Have a Unique Sum and Product

Real Numbers  a, b, & c  Have a Unique Sum and Product

Real Numbers  a, b, c, & d  Have a Unique Sum

Any Number of Numbers Have a Unique Sum (and Product)


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