Verify the 9 Times Table

Hold up both hands in front of you with fingers extended.
Lower the index finger on your right hand.
( That was your seventh "digit". )
Now read your upright digits as a number:
9 x 7 = 63

If you didn't already know it, you have just learned the nine times table.

However, when we do anything with numbers, it is very important to do everything we can to verify that we have the right answer. The links in the table below will enable you to verify the above trick, and you can also verify that it does not matter what order you use - because 9x7=7x9 and so on.

The 9 Times Table
-- 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 2x9
3 3x9
4 4x9
5 5x9
6 6x9
7 7x9
8 8x9
9 9x2 9x3 9x4 9x5 9x6 9x7 9x8 9x9