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CHAPTER I [:] Notions from Set Theory [...] 2. OPERATIONS ON SETS. "end quote
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For emphasis and an example, I would like to quote Rosenlicht's definition of the complement of a set.

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If   X   is a subset of a set   S,   then the complement of   X   in   S   is the set of all elements of   S   which are not elements of   X   [...]

That is   .

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Example: Let   S   be all the matter and energy in our solar system - out to just beyond that space craft that is escaping. Let   X   be the union of all of 'our' economies that exist within the solar system. Let   M   be the part of   X   that exists as matter (mass), and let   E   be the part of   X   that exists as energy. Then the intersection of   M   and   E   is the empty set, the union of   M   and   E   is   X,   and the complement of   X   in   S   is not the empty set.

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