Please print the card below in color, cut it out, fold it on the vertical line, and then count from ♮ to 7 by turning the page seven times.

Advanced Version for Chess Players & Everyone Who Likes to Think Ahead : Solve before printing.

That was my "squared" Circle of Fifths Puzzle ... { Now link to our civilization's greatest failure / puzzle. }

Let us create in the next genertion our greatest success, which would be:

The Return of Our Civilization to Humanity
Through New Oral Traditions Such As Perhaps

The Spoken Reals

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(-: !!! i did not deliberately make the chalice above; it just appeared, as did the Queen below !!! :-)

Chapter Two of
Maxwell Rosenlicht's
Introduction to Analysis
Dover edition 1st published in 1986:
An unabridged and unaltered republication of the work first published by
Scott, Foresman and Company, Glenview, Illinois, USA, in 1968
And: Please be sure to ask about the secret ingredient.
( it's NOT the one from the movie Kung Fu Panda )
Oh, i can't keep a secret: It's academic freedom.

A Message to the Parents of Newborns:

Please set sail with me on my little ship of knowledge.
(Do You see it just above here?)

You be the admiral!
(Do You see the old style hat above the ship?)

Mathematics is very durable knowledge:
You can still profitably study the Geometry of Euclid,
which is more than 2,000 years old. Rosenlicht's book was written 50 years ago,
and will still be relevant 50 years from now (24 January 2018). AND NOW a little quantum physics:
If you observe something you change it. The act of commenting on the ship above (with this text),
turned it into the top of a chess piece, namely the Queen, with this text as the base. Your study will
be special if it is associated with the birth of your children. And, by their college age:
You will be well able to help them.   The superset of this site is